Diana Andrei

I make art to satisfy my need for communication. And the way I do that is simple – I just create what I see. Better said, I create what I choose others to see, in the way I see it. My main tool to do that is through states of mind that are generated by emotions. I use colors, textures, and shapes as a “filter” to translate the state of mind that I’m in. My hope is that the viewer will resonate with me and that our feelings will meet on the same path. For me, that is the biggest reward.

For Diana Andrei (b. 2000) , the subjects' history and the memory of the matter are intriguing. She is always curious about how things work, how they are made, and how small things and details communicate with each other to create a whole. Diana is searching for answers from the past and has a profound respect and sensibility for old, forgotten, unnoticed, and generally disliked things, places, and people. For her, all of the old and mundane things are proof of somebody’s existence and feelings.