We are Monica and Razvan and we remember the complexity of youth and the challenges of becoming an independent individual.

We are happy to assist and support rising artists from the beginning of their career and along the way, having a deep belief in their talent and commitment to create.

Pogo Gallery sells selected artworks and facilitates a rewarding encounter between the public and the emerging art. Equally, it is a platform for learning and conversation, for fun and friendship.

We come together through art!


We believe that any meaningful endeavor implying people's connection begins with trust. Trust breaks the barriers of fear and helps people get closer to each other.


We see the world of art as a particularly collaborative one. Recognising the individual is important, but a positive impact at a larger scale comes through joint efforts and actions.


We consider ethics as the third pillar of our construction. For us, it means respecting others, what they stand for, what they choose and believe, as long as no harm is brought upon people and the environment.

Emerging art is defined by the artworks being created in a contemporary spectrum by artists whose careers are on the rise.

The artists we invite in our gallery are, for the most part, artists who have completed their art training in the last 5 years and who demonstrate a sustained effort to strengthen their artistic path.

Even if we often refer to them as young artists, age is something relative, as people develop second careers and take up art at various ages.

All of the emerging artists we represent work hard and, at this stage of their development, need support and resources to succeed.

Pogo Gallery operates in a consignment system, in the sense that it takes custody of the works of art that it selects together with the represented artists.

Going beyond the strictness of the transactional area, we believe that it is our duty to become a place of art manifestation, where artists feel free to express themselves and convey their vision and messages to the widest possible audience.

We offer for sale two types of works of art: unique works and limited editions.

Unique works can be paintings, illustrations, photographs, objects or sculptures that are sold only once, in a unique piece.

Limited editions represent an original art form and aren't simple copies after the original. Limited editions are produced using various methods (risograph, etching, serigraphy, a.s.o.), always on the basis of a mold, in limited numbers and their production is not repeatable. Each edition is signed, dated and numbered by the artist.​

Buying a work of art does not only mean supporting the artist and the gallery, but an entire network of collaborators who put effort in providing you with a work of art at its best quality.

You can buy your favorite piece of art directly from our online store or you can meet us and enjoy a personalized experience of purchasing a work of art.

Each aquisition comes with a Certificate of authenticity, authenticating the work and confirming that it is an original work created by the artist.

We ensure the best packaging and transport conditions for your work of art. For Romania delivery takes an estimated 5-7 working days, and international deliveries up to 30 days, depending on the destination.