Lena Ciobanu

I use art as an intuitive discovery of the world and I let the space guide me, a process without destination or initial goal, which creates a mental map and from which I start my creative process.

Lena Ciobanu (b. 1998) declares herself intrigued by people and the mythical spaces that are created around them and their way of interacting with themselves and the world, living in communities, sharing their dreams, symbols and ideas. The artist uses playing as a method creating ideal and fertile spaces where, through vulnerability, a process of symbiosis can be started. Her inspiration comes from studying natural life forms, such as trees, fungi and their connection to the biosphere. Lena finds herself through everything she does and at the same time discovers the world. The mediums of expression are divided into each other, photography, archive, cine- verites, textile and installation.

Artist image of Lena Ciobanu