Andreea Stroe

My visual works are focused mainly on exploring the world around me, to understand how I perceive it (and why I do as I do it) - as a self-knowledge process. I then seek to understand and correlate it with how others perceive it. I am interested in emotional and causational duality as I want to emphasize them being more active than we think.

Andreea Stroe often revolves around questions with answers that might integrate or differentiate her from the rest of the people. The artist heavily relies on the process of creation, where her work can take multiple turns and show its multiple facets. Andreea’s style is slowly finding its’ path, as for now it consists of a more monochrome and simple look which she experiments with through different mediums and techniques. It is a process where the final feeling that she wants to convey is very important and specific, but it is not completely clear, neither for the artist nor for the viewers. The very important visual elements that receive much of Andreea’s attention are the patterns, the lines, the directions and motifs and their translation as in a puzzle.