Diana Baltag

My work focuses on themes like intimacy, personal space/objects and inner analysis. The starting point for my previous works was my family home. This is a topic that is at the base of my interests and to which I return, using the environment as a way to express my views.

Our houses and objects talk about our preferences, about what we like and about what we choose to exhibit for other people to see when they come into our personal space. I am always interested in analyzing the differences but also the similarities between each house.

Even if the images in front of us are not parts of our homes, a feeling of familiarity is constantly present because they bring to light the personality of each element, showing us how they can connect, how they can interact because they depict someone’s living conditions.

This is a very important aspect when you expose parts of people’s homes. It is like an evocation of other people’s personal history to whom we can relate to. I am interested in creating drawings and installations, reflecting objects that I find or that I create from scratch using different materials such as: pressed plants, wood, glass, clay, textile.